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About Find DNS records

Domain Name System is a wide range of digital databases for the internet around the world. All the website information is stored in this database. Based on the IP address provided by the network or machine the database stored the website details and retrieve them using the same digital address. When user requests carry by the servers to the DNS and the DNS lookup for the IP address that stored it in DNS records is sent to the web servers based on the IP address the results are shown to the user by the server.

Why is it needed?

When you use web hosting for a website you must need to know the details regarding website IP address and other information. To get all website-related information you can use this tool which retrieves all the details records in the DNS. DNS is a digital database that stores all the information about a website. If you want to change or migrate your website from one location to another like changing hosting it is important to know the DNS details of the website.