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About Google Malware Checker

A dangerous piece of software code that affects the devices and steals the data is known as malware. It will create high-risk factors on your websites and content. Especially it involves fraud activities while online transactions, theft of consumer data, and infringement on intellectual property. Google Malware Checker helps you to scan your websites and detect viruses and malware which is present in your websites. This tool generates the report regarding malicious activities within your websites.

Why is it needed?

Google Malware Checker tool assures you malware free well-trusted website for e-commerce and secures your data. Most importantly helps you to get rid of hackers in case of thefts personal information or website crash. Knowing or unknowing your website may embed with malware, it may fruitful to hackers to hack your sites. So SEO hikes tool provides this amazing tool as free to secure websites.