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About Website Links Count Checker

You must ensure the count of external links on your web page. This must help you to improve the quality of a website. This tool achieves the goal of counting the outgoing links from your web pages. Counting the internal, external, and backlinks of your website is good practice. When using the link counter the result shows you the total number of links present on the website, the number of the internal link which could be redirected in the website itself like the menu, the number of the external link which related to other relevant websites, and the links that are not to follow, the links that are to be followed.

Why is it needed?

More external links could help you to improve the page ranking but this link should be more relevant to your website. The Do-follow links help the search engines to follow your website. This must be a plus to your website to get a good ranking. Finally, you can also avoid not following links that possibly lead to a bad link to destroy your website performance.