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About www Redirect Checker

Website Redirect or URL is important when webpages send users from one location to another. It is a server-based action to guide users’ various pages or actions. Redirect checker helps you to check your site URLs redirect type. It will affect SEO for page ranking. There is various type of redirects are available like 300, 301,302, 307, and meta refresh. Check your website URL must be redirected to one of these types. These types are directly or indirectly related to SEO in page ranking. 
    Types of Redirects,

  1. 300 Multiple choices
  2. 301 Redirect
  3. 302 Found Status
  4. 307 moved Temporarily
  5. Meta Refresh

Why is it needed?

Using this URL checker you can ensure the website traffic whether it is affected or not. When you move to various brands or pages you should ensure the URL redirection should be any of the redirect types. So that your target audience won’t get confused to direct your websites. To avoid loss of website traffic it is a must to check your URLs redirections.